Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mt. Diablo State Park

Mt. Diablo State Park, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
We had a low key Friday night, and so I was anticipating a pretty good Saturday. From about 7-11 were once again stressful for immature financial handlings on my part, but by noon, I knew that there was nothing I could do about it until Tuesday, so let the stress go and got JG up to see what his plans were for the day.
JG and I decided to head out to Mt. Diablo. I had wanted to go out here last time I was out to see about climbing and he had done a Rivedell ride up it in the spring. So we kinda looked for a bike trail, loaded up the bikes and headed out.
Damn, I'm in way worse shape than I ever imaged any human being could be. We had to go about 4 blocks to the BART, and I was ready to pass out. So I was on the fence about taking stomach meds, as they give me a killer headache but I can keep food down, and food=energy. Glad I decided not to take it- we arrived at Walnut Creek. We first headed the wrong way, then down the wrong street, but I didn't really care- it was pretty interesting to see the community.
Then we got back on track and headed towards the park. All the campsite were full, so after a mile or two we stopped for a picnic then a hike. We biked back into Walnut Creek. I was frustrated at myself for being so out of shape and my tummy was radiating pain into my back and down my hip, and that was pretty frustrating too. JG seemed pretty frustrated at me in general and disappointed that I hadn't preplanned better, but then the magic came.
We headed toward the surburban area of Walnut Creek and they were having a movie in the park. Something we would never do a home, but it seemed so ridiculious and perfect that we couldn't pass it up. So we ate bar pizza, played pinball, grabbed beers from the gas station and headed over.
After securing a space in the grass, I became ridiculously giddy. We were on the other side of the country, sitting watching Willy Wonka. It helped that it was one of my favorite movies, but it was just the entire atmosphere. I was stressed the entire day- about money, then fitness, then my belly, then worriying that JG was totally disappointedly that I was out here, that we didn't go to the summit, that maybe we should have been taking advantage of the Mission scene instead, that we're been mopey out here, etc. and it just didn't matter then. It was perfect. By far my best night so far.
Mt Diablo State Park
Mt. Diablo State ParkMovie in the ParkMt. Diablo State Park


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