Thursday, August 16, 2007

Near Coit Tower

Near Coit Tower, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
I had gotten a Pentax *ist Digi SLR in the spring and wasn't totally sold on it. I had debated for about 2 yrs on going digital, there are so many SLRs out there and I'm such a "the grass is always greener" person, deciding on a camera was just too much for me. So I decided that my supply of Pentax lenses (including 2 from a K1000 that my dad had given me, and I think was used on me when I was born) trumped buying a different brand and conviently the *ist is pitched as "the cheapest digital back." So I took the plunge. It sat around for most of the spring, and now I can't use it enough. I'm pretty adamant about not going back to going gallery photo shows, and it's really a great feeling. I can take pics and not feel pressured about what to do with them, and since they're digital, where to store the volumes of them. It's one of the reason's I love to travel so much. Yeah, it's great out here in SF and there are easy shots to be taken, but last month in Akron, I had an amazing time driving around the city, finding the qualities that define it as it's own city.
Yesterday, I was getting worried though when I was photographing these flowers on the hillside as I was using a lens from the 70's and some fancy macro lens that I had acquired when a friend moved. I was shooting with the aperture closed as much as possible and the shutter speed was still 1/4000 and maxing out. The shots were blown out in the screen, but Dang! they looked pretty good on the downloads. I'm pretty happy with myself.
Near Coit Tower Near Coit Tower Near Coit Tower Near Coit Tower
I shot off almost a gig of pics, but I'll spare you from all of that.
Message from God
Oh yeah, my harddrive died and I lost all my pics from spring last year until now. Sadness.


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