Thursday, August 09, 2007

Salmon Bake

Originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus
I spent the weekend with an amazing group of people in KY this weekend. Joe took me to his friend's annual salmon bake party and I met some really inspiring people living sustainable, productive, rich lives. It was a much needed experience as I'd been a little bit down lately trying to find a new job and caught up in materialistic goals. Plus one woman even did a birthday dance for me on Sunday morning at breakfast. Yes!
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Walk to the Outhouse Breakfast


  1. you know who1:36 PM

    The picture of the forest is beautiful. Any tips on photographing scenes like that or is it just getting lucky with the natural light?

  2. It's more playing with the lighting.
    It was morning and a large storm had rolled through, so it was pretty dark. With the aperture wide open I was still only at like 1/8, so I tried to bump up the ISO, but as a firm believe that as you move over 200, it exponentially decreases the quality, so I left the settings there. I then found a set up where I could brace the camera against a tree, myself wedged between in a smaller tree and held my breath. I have a few settings on the DSLR that let you auto balance the color, and have settings for Cloudy, Shade, Flash, etc. I like to use the "Cloudy" and "Flash" for most as it gives is a softer feel, and this one looks like I probably used the "Flash" offset there's less harshness to the light but not the yellow tint you get with the "cloudy" setting


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