Thursday, September 06, 2007

The ability to hang a spoon off my nose.

Craft Room, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

It's weird to say "the cleaning people are coming" or "the cleaning people came," but I have to admit, it is really an invaluable asset to me/us right now. When I was at my old job that paid hourly- it was easy to look at it in the manner that I could easily work 4 extra hours over 2 wks to afford it. And it's damn worth it.
1.) I'm messy and cluttered and JG wants to kick me out everytime he sees one of my personal possessions around the house.
2.) Even when I have the best intentions of cleaning- it doesn't work out. I think I'm pretty good a hard work cleaning- like using industrial solvents on the basement or scrapping paint off of a house, but I seriously can't do the dishes to save my life. I swear they look and feel so clean when I put them on the rack, but then BAM! when they dry the look worse then prior to me washing them. Same with using a broom. I don't know- it's just one of those skills I never developed. I traded it for the ability to hang a spoon off of my nose.
3.) The cats track junk everywhere and I don't like touching it.
4) Even when I go from my room to the kitchen to Surly Girl, it looks like a tornado blew threw. I just can't control my stuff.
It's so calming to come home to a clean house. The ability to not stress about finding time on the weekends is totally worth it.
I just layed on the couch in the craft room, breathing deeply in the peacefulness. It was so awesome. I was in such a good mood when JG came home. We grilled up some not-dogs with 'craut then went back to our respective work areas. It was so nice.
Craft Room


  1. Someone from Ashland8:21 AM

    Seriously? You can hang a spoon off your nose? Why are there no pictures?

  2. it was so nice.. lord it was lovey-dovey.

    loan me your cleaning people...!!! :)

  3. I have often wondered why we don't hire cleaning people...

  4. I've never had good luck with cleaning people. Lucky you for finding good ones!


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