Monday, September 17, 2007

Craftin' Outlaws Inside Recap.

Well, I only had a few oppurtunities to head inside, and when I did it was a stuggle to get through the main aisle to the restroom, let along score food. (And once again, another Cbus bar that will make you 'ginger ale' by mixing sodas from the bar gun. Sad and gross...)
So on the stage area was Bootleg. Chris made his screens in my basement, and we didn't let the emusions dry totally before burning them, so I was pretty worried about their usability, but his shirts came out looking really sharp. And the shirts that he screens on are really soft, so you should probably grab some off of his site!
Craftin Outlaws Craftin Outlaws
Emily was in the corner by the stage with the usual look of exhaustion and panic with 100 people swarming her table. On the stage with Chris was Pogo Modern. The husband/wife team making glass jewelry hands down gets my award for best of show. Their work is really clean and stunning and they are a bright, vibrant, lovely duo working out of Groveport, OH. I bought a really great necklace, and the creator bought this bag off of me, which perfectly accented her well-done teal hair. Swoooon...
L.S. Ayres had the best metal work jewelry inside. Inside upstairs, I had been searching for a perfect baby gift since I was in SF, and I finally found a onesie and hat from Tiny Little House. The pink flowery biker-esque hat that I got is so adorable, I really wish they would have had my size...
All-in-all, the day was good, I wish that I would have gotten more photos of everyone, but my sales were pretty steady throughout the day, and by the time I started to wander around with the camera, I was pretty tired, as was about everyone else behind booths. Thanks for coming out, stopping by, and introducing yourself and/or signing up for the mailing list. I should have things posted on my Etsy site later this week.


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