Sunday, September 16, 2007

Craftin' Outlaws Outside recap

Craftin' Outlaws
Got there around 11 and there was no table for me. There was a map where I was supposed to be, but there was RoyalJewelz was there and really not room for both of us. I was a little worried as last year the event was hard to move around in, and I was hoping that it wasn't going to be jammed again. They moved her a bit, and it totally work out for both of us, and she made good use of an extra table next to her, which was nice. I was across the aisle from Aqua Cherry, whom makes great bags from upolstery fabrics. I really loved the clutches that she had (in retrospect, I should have gotten one) and to my back was Beatiful Era of Cleveland . I really loved her collages, and the artist, Amber, looked just like JG's friend, so I couldn't stop looking an her booth for either of those reasons. I wish I would have gotten a photo, she had a really nice set up and I ended up getting nice little gifts to take home next weekend. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop.
To my left was the L2 Design Collective from Pittsburgh. I stood REALLY close to them for most of the day as there was a gap in the overhead tents which I was able to steal the warmth of the sun through. L2 had really amazing silkscreened cards and journals but more importantly, the husband/wife team running the booth had the most adorable boy, which dad carried in the baby-chest carrier all day. Awwwww. I got a few nice cards for next weekend, and it was great to see that they make this postcard. I got it at a trunk show at Sugar in Lawrenceville a few years ago-never intending to send it- but always coveting it. It hung off of my monitor when I lived in the Short North, but I don't know where it ended up in the move.
AmyD was across the ways, and her 2 beautiful daughters and cute hubby stopped in for a while too! Anne Holman was down the row from Amy, and I absolutely love her jewelry. I was very sad that I am on a budget, although I probably would have caved if she would have had some of her rings there... Also on that side of the row was Red Handed Jill, where I acquired a cute pair of shoes with birdies painted on them. Swooonnn.
Further out to the parking lot area was Yumi Yumi. She makes really beautiful prints, and I got this one, and AmyD asked me if I was sending it to JG- no way! That's going in the craftroom so I can swoon over it (and think of him) while I work.
Check out AmyD and her Ohio pins!

Craftin Outlaws Craftin Outlaws


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