Thursday, September 13, 2007

Craftin' Outlaws

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Workin Hard. No, actually, no really at all. I've barely made anything for Craftin' Outlaws- I'm just not as ramped up about it as I probably should be. I am hoping to move the handbag making to more of a business than making things for craft shows to sell with a historically underpriced market, and hope to use the shows like this more as a marketing tool. And I haven't well at all since I ate pizza two times on Monday and might have to resort to taking some meds, which will knock me out for a day.
Sadly, I didn't get into Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh, but it's probably for the best- 1.) as I try and structure it more like a business. 2.) I have a bridal shower in Pittsburgh that Saturday, bachlorette party that night and shower in Erie on Sunday. 3.) I'm excited to put time into the bridal gift & a way over due 1/2 done birthday present for JG (I even started it a good deal in advance of his bday- sadness). 4.) Setting up and tending a booth isn't my favorite thing to do.
So all in all, not much to report on the craft end, but I get to go to Cleveland today to have lunch with a client and see the Cleveland office, so I'm really excited. yay!

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