Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If you live in Columbus, come climb this Sunday!

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Come out to the COP rock climbing wall on Sunday, September 23rd. They are hosting a free (it says that it costs $7 in the Alive which it won't) open climbing session from 3pm to 6pm. They have also teamed up with Everest Gear out of Granville, and after climbing, there are having a campfire/cookout, and food (burgers and snacks) will be provided. But bring your beverage of choice.
The intent of this is to give an opportunity for people to check out our wall, climb, socialize, meet other climbers and have fun. Our wall has routes for all levels But I think you will definitely enjoy them and they will give you a good workout, especially since our wall is much taller than VA. So if you are not climbing at the Red or the New or wherever this weekend, stop on by for climbing, a campfire and food. It should be a good time!
PS- If you've never tried climbing, give it a shot! I'm a firm believer that Trad Climbing is one of the best things for your body and mind. Plus, then you can go to Seneca Rocks, WV, my personal heaven. Swooonnnn.04_02_2006 010 Ryan Belaying
Its located just outside of Granville. You can take either I-70 east to the Kirkersville exit (#122) and head north on Outville Road or take 161 east and turn south on Outville Road. From Outville Road, turn east on Weslyan Church Road and drive 0.6 miles. The drive is on the left and it goes back alongside a farm field to the the wall which sits in the woods. They'll be a sign.


  1. Someone from Ashland1:04 PM

    Is this really a wise use of oil and the associated carbon spewage?

    And what is it with you climbers and your inability to complete the names of places "Red", "New"?

    I'd go but I have an extreme fear of heights. I almost drove off the side of a cliff on rim drive at Crater Lake because of a strong case of vertigo.

  2. Yes, I do think it is a good use of spewage. Better than other options. Like having baby ducks swim in it then preen themselves.

    Guidebooks and such will use "The Red River Gorge in Slade, KY, USA." Simlarly, people don't refer to me as Ms. Patrice Louise Lehocky, EIT of Columbus Ohio, except when they are quoting me for very important technical journals and publications (ha! Never!), they call me Pete or more formally Patrice. Same with the Red or the New or 'the gorge.'

    Vertigo= Not Good. You should read the Road Warriors Way. "Good for in the mountain or in the concrete jungle."

  3. Someone from Ashland8:27 AM

    Just busting you about the names :)

    I'll check out that book, maybe I'll be able to get more than 3 steps up a ladder.

  4. that looks awesome.
    haven't climbed in years.
    and by climbed I mean I spent one fall at the indoor climbing wall trying to test my fear of heights.
    I never had the courage to try it in the great outdoors.


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