Monday, September 03, 2007

Saturday SF- Sunday Cbus

SF, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
Apartment. BART. Shuttle. Skybus. Pacemont. Cruiser bikes. Tip Top. Betty's. Giant Eagle. Bed
Although Sunday was filled with freezer defrosting, yardwork, basement cleaning, etc. it was nice to be home. Working around the house, creating our spaces again. The term "housework" can easily imply stress and negativity so it was just more appropriate to look at it in the context of 'being home'. Weeded the garden, harvested over a dozen cucumbers and tomatoes, 2 sweet peppers and one hot pepper. Read about the plants, weed wacked the front, tended to the echinacea. PBRs and basement cleaning. Grilling, dinner on the back porch. Organizing books. Blogging. Awesome. (not being sarcastic)
Came home with a clear sense of myself, my limits, and new organizational strategies. It's going to take a good chunk of time to get them in place and smoothly running but I'm pretty excited for everything. I'm excited to be back in Columbus and really ready to get back to work.
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