Thursday, September 06, 2007

TakeWrning Helper

Max, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

So my inability to find a paid steady worker has lead my to cutting away nights in the craft room and talking to the cats. It's about 100 degrees in there (although I honestly didn't notice the warmth until Amy was almost passing out in it...) and the fabric pools don't really help the air circulation. I'm getting a good amount done though, which is awesome, and I've planned out my time pretty well, although there are rumors that I may be out of town for a few days next week which kinks the system, but I'll be going to an active industrial facility to do emissions calculations so I'm really hoping I get to go...
So Xell is my favorite helper cat because he talks to me the most and when he purrs it sounds like a frog. He knows when I need some space and when I need my belly rubbed. Plus he likes french fries and cheese so we can totally relate.
It's hard to watch Max in the room though. He has mastered the art of finding the perfect nest of fabric, batting it around a bit, then curling up and passing out on it. Everytime I look at him my heart sinks- I just want to be curled up in fabric sleeping...


  1. Someone from Ashland8:20 AM

    That's hilarious! Very few people would express such exuberance about visiting an active industrial facility to do emissions calculations!

  2. haha! I seriously can't wait! I got a shiny new hard hat and everything!

  3. So it's come to this.

    Blog posts about your cats.


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