Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend Breakdown:

JG, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
R. Kelly> and Bell's Lager atTracer. They let me use the VCR to watch my CSX so I can go to the Railyards. Surly Girl for some good nachos but awful potato salad. Teeth of the Hydra at the Basement. Beers atBettys. zucchini bread from the Clintonville Market, sewing, movie & pizza at Studio 35, Zombies game, Swordheaven, DEAD SEA. JG to airport, harvest tomatoes, nap, sew.


  1. Someone from Ashland10:50 AM

    What's that about CSX and the railyards?

  2. I'll be doing audits on them in the coming weeks. Making sure they have spill plans, appropriate disposal collection centers, calc their emissions from small vechile repairs, etc. Plus I got to watch a sweet VHS safety video where all the men were wearing plaid and everytime the camera panned down the tracks, old country music would play. It was pretty amazing/unbelievable

  3. Someone from Ashland4:56 PM

    Sounds interesting. I have a train fetish (but I still don't give anyone an environmental pass).


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