Sunday, October 07, 2007

harvesting the green peppers/rant

I still have many veggies sprouting up in the garden. The mosquitos are still hungry though, so I decided to tap into knowledge classified as "alternate lifestyle" that I've been gaining at work. Like the use of a dryer sheet for a bug repellant. I barely use a dryer sheet for laundry purposes, don't really know if the cons, waste & $ are worth a little less static, believe that American's are too focused on 'false smells' but mainly don't care about my laundry enough, let alone have a Costco supply in the basement incase the ice age comes. (But maybe I should -there will be lots of static-y sweaters in the house then.)
But we have some around and heard that they repel mosquitos if you put one in your pocket.
So I didn't have any pockets, so ripped it in half, stuffed one into each of my sneakers and headed out to the backyard. After the embarassment of JG laughing at me with stuff hanging out of my shoes, I have to report that the dryer sheets do not repell bugs in Clintonville. People may seem to think that the tiny amounts of camphor and linoene in the sheet will repel the bugs, but I think the quanity too small to matter in our backyard. Generally looking at the Thrifty-fun list, I think that people are crazy. Just get some baking soda, lemon juice, alcohol, and you'll save more $$ than worrying how to use the case of sheets you just bought to save $5.00

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  1. I got tons of bites the last time I was in Clintonville!


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