Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Minipops @ Skully's

Minipop MinipopMinipop Minipop
So it's been a good while since I've put up a band, and although I stressfully ran around the house looking for some documents while they were here, it was nice to have some company in the house (not including the Creatures). The Minipop's bass player is one of JG's friend's from SF, and when I first got a glance of him, he strongly resembled the a really bad climbing partner and I was worried. But he turned out to be really sweet and funny and cute. Plus he found out that I was from Pgh asked me if I was a George Romero fan. Many bonus points that Steelers/Pitt/sport in general didn't come out of his mouth. :-p. Although there was a severe lack of bodies as Skully's (probably due to Wilco in town), the band was really great and Julie was going crazy for them. I really wanted to stay & see the last band, but the sweatshop was calling.


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