Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Randy's wedding

BecSo our main destination of the Seattle trip was Randy's Wedding. Since most of the folks were JG's friends that I just met, the camera was tamer than it usually is in a day around the house-let alone an event- but it was a really lovely ceremony and reception. Helps that it was beautiful out. And, unlike Phil's wedding, we were ontime and there were no last minute wardrobe crisis. Everyone I had the pleasure of meeting over the long weekend was really amazing. I especially enjoyed the college stories of JG, since he always says "I don't have any" when I ask him to tell me a story. Next time I there better be pictures...

IMGP8642 Over the shoulder
IMGP8641 IMGP8649 IMGP8655 IMGP8664 Dave & John John & Kathy John & Kathy Robin & Kat

IMGP8647 Cupcakes!

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  1. It's so sweet:) Wedding is one of the happiest events in our life... I'm sure that everyone will remember it forever:)))


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