Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Support you local Indie Designers!

Mermaid Purse
From 10am – 6pm on November 17 and 18, swing by Junctionview Studios in Grandview for the Tiny Canary Indie Design Market. This modern arts and crafts market will have over 40 of the finest designers and makers of everything from jewelry and handmade clothing, to original plush and home décor. As a handmade alternative for the gift giving season, Tiny Canary is anticipated to attract thousands of holiday shoppers. It should be an interesting mix of fine art to glue crafts, so be sure to check it out. If anything, swing by to check out Junctionview Studios. They're working hard to try and up the art presence in this town. There may even be a super special debut item crafted from my hands....


  1. small chickadee11:25 AM

    Indie? Crafts from India? Crafts from Squanto? Or a terribly pretentious shorthand use of "Independent?"

  2. Crafts from the bad-ass-est archeologist ever!

    From the Urban Dictionary:The bad-ass-est archeologist ever! He found the holy grail, the ark of the covenant, and one of the lost shankara stones. His dad is a bearded goat with bad enunciation, but for some reason women like him. I guess they think he is cute like one of those troll dolls, not the ones with the jewel in the belly but the ones that people put on their lawns. some people call them lawn gnomes, but we know better. Indie has a whip and a gun, but sometimes he loses the gun so he has to run away. He has no scruples about bringing a gun to a sword fight. His best friend is this guy who lives in egypt and i think his name is Marsala. He had a monkey for a while, and a pet asian kid named Short n' Round, but I will not tell you what he did with him. Basically he ran around the world fighting the nazis and the pagans and stealing national treasures and heirlooms and stuff. Some king threatened to cut off his "misunderstandings&q uot; because he thought he was a grave robber or something. But I say, once something is in the ground it is fair game. Except corpses. Indie has about the same rules, though once he stole this asian guy's ancestor's remains. Then the guy poisoned him, so indie stole his woman. I think her name was charlie or something. Indie's full name is "Junior Indianna Jones," but his good friends call him Susan.


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