Thursday, November 22, 2007

Aunt Carol's new house

Aunt Carol remarried a quick minute ago, and her husband lives in Henry Clay Fry's house- of Fry Glass. There is really interesting glasswork in the house and her husand's late first wife was an advid antique collector- especially of dolls. They watch you at every turn....
Aunt Carol's New House Aunt Carol's acquired children in her new marriage Aunt Carol's acquired children in her new marriage Aunt Carol's acquired children in her new marriage

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sarah's Shower

Cake Toppers, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

It was a quick weekend trip home to attend Sarah's bridal shower, get fitted for the dresses, bachlorette party, etc. The shower was quiet and nice, they got some fun gifts and Send us Off worked out really well. They didn't want to register, as they don't need anything/have room for anything, but didn't want to specifically ask for cash (which I think is totally acceptable these days) so I had mentioned that they register for Send us Off or something similar than take chances at random gifts.
The crowd was mostly older women (aunts, grandmas, etc) so of course there were still random crock pots and dinnerware, but for the most part the ladies participated in Send Us Off, and from the website you can choose and activity- say "Lunch at a vineyard," then print out a little certificate, and most included a small similar fun gift with it, so it's pretty interactive & encouraging to use. (Plus in the end, the couple just gets a check- minus a percentage- which is pretty nice too)