Monday, December 31, 2007


So this blog has been quiet for a while and will remain to be, but I'll give a quick recap of 2007.
The year was full of ups and downs, but overall pretty swell. It really made me realize the emmense value of family & friends.
Unordered Wrap up:
Columbus Crafty Cotillion : Seattle Trip : Learned to shoot a gun : Played croquet : First Cbus Baseball game : No more remediation job
Aunt Carol got married, Bobbie got engaged. Phil Jack. BLC & JMS had Gus, James and Laura had River : Prep work for Sarah's Wedding :
My dad bought the hometown 5 & 10 with associated treasures : A month in San Francisco : Bike was painted : Got JG to go hiking (a few times!) and climbing!
Some friends lost, separated and gained
2 notable quilts finished. I started another in March, but the enlarging method I used isn't so great, so it's taking a REALLY LONG TIME to piece together : 60 purses cut, waiting to be designed : Bouncy Castle : Vintage Bike Show : Red Rocks
I planted a garden and to my utter suprise, it grew!Also after about round 4, my compost worms are actually living, and are healthy! yeah!
Turned 26 : Met an amazing community in Kentucky : Moved, then he pretty much moved.
1 year : 3 cats. Still no birdie : Cooked with pumpkins : canned green tomatoes
Xtracycle rides : Bull riding in Naples : Had my insides looked at
Met Jenny Hart : Indian Caverns : SF long weekend : TOSRV
Working at the climbing gym : degradation pathways of chlorinated solvents

Saw a large collection of Penny farthing machines & spanking machine, San Francisco eateries never fail me with a good Ginger Ale on the menu, Maria & associated Elvis tattoo, gross staph infection in my leg, kicked out of Bobbie's Xmas party, didn't wreck a car. Didn't even get into a bike wreck, and no major injuries. Wow, awesome!
Ripped teal carpet out of the bedroom, turned JG's office pink : Game night : quick Cleveland trip : eating cheese again.
Silkscreened a lot, learned how to repair a washer : meeting Basak's mom and dad, mini greyhounds, PENTAX *ist, Tip Top, Ladies Thursdays @ ORielly's, yoga. Became huge fans of Adam Brouillete, Arthur Hash, and the L2 Design Collective. GIRL TALK : eggplant baked then mushed (like this) : toast with munster and nut. yeast : Lime pickle: Mint & basil :read Dooce religiously : salt and pepper shakers of ghosts hugging : a knot tied for me.

Disappointments of the year include Columbus declaring itself the Indie art capital and a scientist who I've read and respected for years is now a 'voice' for all the greening media blitz going on. this sealed the deal. Compells me to go engineer the toxic chemicals like school taught me. Personally I wish I would have realized things earlier and dealt with them. And smiled more.
For 2008? Eat mindfully, more yoga, smile more. Maybe an ice climbing trip

(You know what would make your New Year start off on an awesome foot??? Owning a Scion! You could buy my car. )


  1. oliver is a cutie. here's where i got the recipe for the seitan pastrami for the reubens:

    i omitted the nutritional yeast because we don't have any at the turned out just fine.

  2. why is indie art capital bad?

  3. Extreme selfishness. Heh heh.

    RYC: I let my tomato seeds (and pepper, too) ferment by leaving them in a plastic, covered, reused Chinese food delivery container for about a week. When they started to mold, I took them out, swished them around in a jar with some water a few times (drained old water, added new) and then strained and dried them on a paper towel. They germinated readily. Yea! Grew yummy tomatoes and peppers.


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