Friday, January 11, 2008

the book of right-on's right-on, it was right-on

So after a long string of sub par fortunes, I cracked open one that seems like a good mantra to start the year off on. I'm trying to climb at least 2x a week, lift twice a week, and have started Ashtanga again at Yoga on High and hope to make to to Vinyasa Saturday mornings (with Sunday morning hatha as a back up) at Balanced. Sadly, I have a feeling it's going to be tough to make it through Ashtanga this quarter though. My only steadily free evening is Monday, and the class is severly dissapointing. We'll see... I'm excited about the Illuminating the Path to Wellness workshop this Sunday, (especially after the now-almost-month-long staph infection in my calf) and a Post Holiday Tune-up workshop next Friday. Hopefully my weekend houseguest will be joining me...
Plus, I now have two students that I'll be teaching climbing to on Wednesdays, which is a great contrast to the ususal skillsets I use (either engineering or making things). I'm also looking forward to participating in this month's challenge, which may involve the amazing holiday gift from JG. (Gocco!)


  1. You are such a busy bee!

  2. i had a dream two nights ago that you were helping me make puff pastries filled with vanilla cream. we took them out of the oven and the filling just absorbed the pastry part. we were very perplexed as to why that happened until i realized that we needed to keep the pastries in eppendorf tubes with the lids cooled until the treats cooled off, and then the outer doughy shells returned. sadly, i didn't get to eat one before i woke up.

  3. you got a gocco printer, looks like your hopes of goccoing (?) are coming doing some tonight, but i dont own one, i have to borrow one! heh, have fun with it! :)

  4. Guess who4:58 PM

    Dare I ask what was disappointing about Monday night Ashtanga at YoHi?

  5. The teacher was great, there are just about 15 people crammed into a REALLY small room with lower ceilings. Only a few inches between mats. Difficult for me to relax in.

  6. Guess who9:06 PM

    Aah, that's very true. I complain about that, too!


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