Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gallery Hop

Due to a change in plans (the wedding is next weekend, not this...) JG and I were able to spend a pretty relaxing weekend at home. Saturday after I tended to the climbing gym, we headed down to Gallery Hop to see the Rivet opening for the Ohio Heartland show. There were some nice small works, although sadly I didn't shoot any film. We were headed south when we ran into Sweet Stella who informed us of Melissa Vogley Woods' opening at the Ohio Art League.

She and Adam Brouillette are my favorite Ohio artists, I was very excited and we rushed down to make it before they closed.
Melissa Vogely Woods @ Ohio Art League Melissa Vogley Woods @ Ohio Art League
Sheesh, I'm glad that we did. I absolutely love her work. Focusing on Sunbonnet Sue, "these works fluctuate between fabric and painting from small to large with the tactile reality of paint and stitch, to create an analogy of fine art and craft."
Her drawings are light and airy- a great contrast to the block outline of Sunbonnet Sue. There was also an "Urban quilting bee," shown above, in which guests could stitch as "a recorder of this time and place." And she was lovely and smiling widely as usual, which topped the evening off.
We also hit up Sherri Gallery and Mahan, but not much to report from there, surly was too packed so we headed to Tip Top, where I feel that my combo of nachos with a side of roasted eggplant is pretty unbeatable.

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  1. Thanks Patrice!! I am so happy to be one of your fav's!!!


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