Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Green Rant

This is about the only thing I miss from selling off my car.
So yet it's another day and there are a handful of new feeds of people going 'car free', 'car light' and other such greenwashing terms. I guess when I sold my car in January and we went to 2:1 people:cars, we became 'car light.' I think it's pretty safe to say that we would never-ever give ourselves a label like that. I think it's a privledge to own a car, and giving yours up doesn't give you any type of hero status or a green champion. Many people are 'car free', car-lite, full-time commuters as a result of their situation- just using what they have to get by.
Maybe the problem with labeling everything has to do with my outlook. I started sending 'well conceedled cash' to Greenpeace when I turned vegetarian in 8th grade, and have try not to use plastic bags and bottle water for years. I try to drive as little as possible- I've been inside the refineries, cleaned up the land under the old ones, designed pumping networks to pump off all of the old gas that's seeped down into the water table (enough that they can pump it 24hrs a day and put it back into the new-gasoline process), am able to spot the refinery workers by 'the shakes' and wasn't able to accesss some areas to work because of lead levels & I was a 'woman of childbearing age'. I've been hassled for years for trying to use as little chemicals as possible, collecting recyclables and been making handbags/jewelry out of recycled/dumpstered/reclaimed/etc goods since 2001. So mabye this St. Patty's Day week, with "Green Friday" I'll stop being cynical of it all,buy an enviro shirt from threadless, pour some more cash into carbon offsets, ride my bike to work, change the Takewrning label to green and be really happy and proud of myself. (although this sounds facetious, I really could use a good change of mood and it's starting to sound very appealling, plus marketing schemes touting 'upcycled' are driving sales through the roof)


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