Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New life!

New life!, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

I was really hoping that today's post was going to be a photo journey of my last day commuting to my job, but the hand injury put that on hold for a while, so I'll write a little narrative.
So it starts with me fumbling out the door, changing a few times in fear that I'll be too cold. Feeding the cats, putting the bike on the front porch, turning down the heat, double checking that I have my keys & swipe card. Lugging the bike down the steps, getting on, getting off to double check my light, getting on again and heading north on High Street.
Stopping at the Post Office on Henderson to peel off the extra layer, and continuing north. Cautiously riding near TeeJays- people pull out of the CVS very quickly. Usually stopping at Scotty McBeans for a scone or juice, and the cute barista is usually outside smoking. Chat with him for a bit, collect energy and continue north. Always stop at the Wilson Bridge Road intersection that commands "DON'T GO, DON'T GO" in a deep voice. Running the gauntlet of slow, fast, slow on the burm, fast, slow, merge to the right and take a breather at the Crossroads light. Continue north down the 'hill' that's very refreshing. Make a right onto Northwood to sit at the light so I can go directly across 23 to the office. Many times am opposite a silver Pontiac trying to make the left onto 23, and usually speeds up to try and clip me. There's actually a decent hill up into our building, so its a nice sprint in.

On the other hand, things are going pretty well in the JG/PT bicoastal household. He had a very exciting release today (although he still continues to humor me and say he's going to be in Columbus for more than 10 days at at time ever again) and today is the last day of my current job. Monday I start an exciting new job, work, similar to my previous job, but more exciting topics. Sorry internet, I will not be able to comb you for eight hours a day now.
Plus, some of the seeds I planted last week are starting to come up, I taught the cats to stand on their hind legs for a treat, started a diet of barley and blueberries, which was recommended for the last tendon injury.

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  1. yay new job! boo long distance love!

    big kisses.


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