Friday, February 22, 2008

One mobile and one not-so-mobile

Swap mobile, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Back to back mail days! Yes! Yesterday I got a sweet note from JG and Juno (which has an amazing soundtrack and a few Kimya Dawson tracks I didn't have/know existed), and today I received my mobile swap treasure!
The mobile is from Kim of Sidelica. She has a great eye for color -well, her colors fit into schemes that I've been totally digging right now- especially this scarf. Her mobile colors fit perfectly in the living room. There's a hanger in the ceiling that I've wanting to find something to hang from, so it will eventually have a nice home, when I can use 2 hands move a chair... For now, the mobile looks perfect hanging off the Kogswell.
Hand surgey went well yesterday, my tendon ended up being 70% torn, so they stitched it back together (and I got to see it) and now I'm braced for three weeks, then a smaller brace for three more. yiyiyi.

Swap mobilePost surgerySwap mobile


  1. Hand surgery? Aaaaawwwww. Take care of yourself. Nice mobile.

  2. I'm glad the mobile fits in well at its new home. Hope that hand heals quickly!


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