Tuesday, February 12, 2008

San Fran

Since my August stint in SF, I've really had no desire to go back. Until today.
"Pete, winter's going to be over soon" JG exclaimed earlier in the week as we were riding. "Not true" I replied "It usually gets cold again in March"
Yeah, winter's over for you buddy. The admin assistant called it a snow day before we even left yesterday. The pics are from midnight, and it came down a good deal more. When I finally ventured out of the house at noon terrified of the roads, I realized that our road was about the only one in Cbus not plowed nor driven on, and everything else was grey slush, and clear. Not as wintery and dreamy as it could have been.
Feb Snowstorm- back porch @ midnite Feb Snowstorm

(necklace was a lovely gift from Sweet Stella)


  1. Hello there!!! Thanks for the super comment about my new layout:) And thanks to that I have now stumbled upon your creative blog which is even better. Thank you:)

  2. I talked to Randall yesterday and he said it was 65 degrees and sunny yesterday in San Fran. Waaahh!!
    On the plus side, my school was closed again today, so I baked cookies, made fresh tomato basil soup and plan to hang out with the cat (as soon as she wakes up from her hibernation).


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