Monday, March 31, 2008

Ohhh College

So there was a whirlwind 20 hour tour of Pittsburgh. Meredith hadn't been to the city before, I needed to grab a few random items. We weren't able to get purple bar tape or the hub I was looking for, but munched on mung bean pancakes in the Strip; got some yummy, warm, fresh tofus; found a little shop with blueberry pierogies; had Yuenglings with my parents.
We stopped in Oakland for the brother's pre-hockey-formal party. Ohhhhh collllleeegeee. There were about 25 nicely dress kids crammed into a tiny, dirty sliver of a basement. When they emerged into the light to walk up the street to the banquet, not many could see straight. It was great. Plus, one of his housemates was in his 3rd floor room & had no idea the party was going on.
Meredith & I felt old.
Then we went to the Elks club (no smoking ban in Pgh- and no exhaust fan in the elks) participated in the 11 O'clock toast to the absent brothers, then stood in a circle (boy-girl-boy-girl of course) and sang God Bless America. Then at home we ate Tiramsu from the market in Bloomfield and saw Grandma in the morning.
There aren't very many standard 'vacation type sites to see in Pgh,' and an extra day would have warrented the incline, the Warhol museum, the Co-op and some shopping, but I think I gave an amazing 20-hour Pittsburgh tour in terms of cultural sampling.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Critical Mass

IMGP0962Sun shining + Critical Mass + Dinner @ Spore + many hugs + DANCEPARTY = Petie Revival.

Kenton brought the noise

Thursday, March 27, 2008

It'll be a quick trip home

It'll be a quick trip home, but I have a lot to pack in:
Pierogies , Bobbie , Grandma , Kraynick's , parents , Free Ride , Chauch , Aunt Carol and of course cases of Yuengling for everyone who I mentioned Pittsburgh to.
Sadly I'll be missing the Rasam at Soup Saturdays, but hope to get some yummy pho instead. And, if we decide to stay late, I would love to catch the Fermented Foods talk- I got the book for Xmas but misplaced it shortly after :-(

But first, gonna pick up a little gift made by Justin (my aunt's nephew) for Bobbie.

Monday, March 24, 2008

March 23rd

I'm not religious by any means, but some days, when life and death are celebrated in a matter of hours, the irony makes you more aware of other's opinions/beliefs.

A few more months until real spring...

So I've been sitting here, dreaming of when the real spring will come, and anxiously awaiting my new seeds to sprout, when I came across this link to Bruce's Seed Catalogue from 1884. No, this isn't a sponsered post, I'm just really excited to dive deeper into this book. There's also the Family Recipe Book 1869. Actually, the whole website is very interesting to me...

The Seed Catalogue is inspiring me to plant more though! Yikes, there's not much more room left...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Way back when

Way back when, I used to make stuff like the handbag on the left and sell it on the internet. Now, this was before the days of etsy and at the beginning of paypal functionality, so yes, I hand coded every page after I gave up on dreamweaver. Today, there are better options for this, and Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted ecommerce software. They can provide design services if needed (which I obviously need-- bootleg????), and there is even a free 10 day ecommerce software trial. If you're a small (to medium) business, check it out! The website is easy to navigate and the features section is amazing, plus they not only offer a shopping cart service, but the full online store. It's a simple way to get your shop up and running yet still preserving your preferences and style.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Holiday

So Thursday I rushed home from work, stopped at Target with blue ink smeared over the entire right side of my face, fed the sick cat, and stressfully stumbled with my bike out the front door to find this little treasure and note from my family. It was such a nice suprise, I cried so hard there, and on the way to meet friends. Then we sat in ORielly's for Michele's birthday and I kept tearing up. I miss them a good deal and wish I could have gone home this weekend. Or at least wish I would have sent out the cards I got for them two weeks ago.

A bag to brighten your easter

A Takewrning handbag is the perfect way to accent your Easter basket! Featured on the Fashion me fabulous blog this week, (I have to say I have the worst photograph of the bunch), and came out with the most votes. Yes! My favorite bag in my shop right now is definitely the Octopus bag. They are both made of this great thick upholstery fabric I found in Akron and are quite large. Perfect for toting your light jacket and umbrella for the coming spring season (and associated Spring treasures).

My buddy

My buddy, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Since the one cat that he doesn't get along with is quarantined due to sickness, Xelle tags on my every movement and kisses the sick one's brother.

Friday, March 21, 2008

You can't always have your cake...

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Web host Guide

So, although the person I live with creates web-based applications and websites, you would think I would reap some of those benefits- but sadly I don’t. So I’ve been exploring the depths of the web to find an affordable solution to design and web hosting when I stumbled upon hal Sheth’s Guide to Kaushal's web hosting post. It’s a compiled simple list of recommended web hosting companies. He’s looked over the web and conversed with others to narrow his list down to three web hosting choices, and I’ll be definitely looking into one of them. Kaushal also has a few blogger templates available, and a few really nice wordpress themes too, so have a look around his site, and leave comments on the web hosting page if you want! I am particularly fond of the “Fluer” theme for the Wordpress blogs with the hope of spring on the way. The blog themes are just provided in list form, but if you click on the “demo” link, you can easily view them in a new tab, and they’re worth checking out along with the list of web hosting sites!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Speaking of...

On yesterday's topic of people who have moved away with their baby,

and speaking of fresh gear, these photos totally made my day.
(not my photos -stolen from Lillian-but even more reason to keep watching those flight prices to Boston)

Celebrate Discardia!

First off, here is a bit of custom work I did for an etsy customer. She had a back window (very similar to the one I put my window through) that needed a little curtain. Due to the thickness of the applique, I couldn't make it hang exactly as she wanted, but I know it was hard to ship this out as it fit perfectly over my window...
Secondly, it's my goal this weekend to begin celebrating discardia, which occurs between the Solistices and Equinoxes. March 19th marks the start, so watch out closet, sock drawer & harddrive! The jewelry supply stash has already been attacked and a good deal of it submitted to the Sampler.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wow, it's been five years

Wow, it's been five years already since the start of the war. I feel like we should have a reunion. Well, maybe not just yet... Some of us have don't participate at all any more, some still go strong. Some use words like Fresh gear, some have moved away & had kids, some have stayed and did the same and are still creating.some of us take pics & ride bikes, some are still rambling, some are still writing, sell insurance and play rock n roll and still live cutely in Bloomfield. Some of us have gone off the deep end, became dentists, are getting pHDs in chemistry, gotten a pHD in logic from CMS, waitressing, running Food Not Bombs, teaching underprivledged youth, working for big corporations, lecturing on feminism, gearing up to go to law school, still running collectives and traveling the world. And it feels good that the time to start up the Indymedia is still a good investment. We've scattered around the country, and now connect with each other on different levels, and can conviently block out the negative aspects but we'll never forget the passion in our hearts, or the ridiculous situations.

PS. Utah Punks Never Die

Monday, March 17, 2008 blog advertising

So I have been testing out a few websites to try and enter the world of bloggers-being-paid, and this month I was turned onto a blog advertising site called This site connects advertisers and bloggers- so hopefully bloggers (like me) can make some money in their free time, and the advertisers get basically free workers. So far, the site’s layout has been much more clean and friendly with nice fonts, a design-friendly layout and fun avatars. (The Muppets- I chose Janice) The help desk was quick to reply to me and friendly when it was clearly my error from not reading the entire sign-up email. Oops.
People can advertise on blogs, blog for money, get paid for blogging in a few clean clicks. Plus the advertising opportunities are mostly things that I would like to actually write about, can relate to, or am genuinely interested in. I’ll keep everyone out there in internet land posted on the status!

blog advertising

Happy St. Patty's Day

Mr. Pickles
Mr. Pickles
For those of you starting the holiday off early, let me woo you to to buy some green things over the internet...

My etsy stuff

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sharon Bell

A long awaited entry, but I can't not mention it. If you missed Sharon Bell's opening last gallery hop, then you should feel very sorry for yourself.
It was a refreshing reminder, that yes, there is actually decent art hidden in pockets in this city. Yes, I was probably partial as it fit perfectly into my color/subject/style preferences, but it was really well done, and the attention to detail was amazing. The textures and items that were the painting bases made me smile.
Plus , she and hubby are super nice and their daughter taintily served me up multiple tastey cookies. You can get her stuff here and their Dirty Booty kid's line here.
We pretty much missed everything else at Gallery hop, only making it to ROYGBIV, but still felt pretty fulfilled.
IMGP0498 IMGP0500

A little sun teaser

Raleigh IMGP0686 IMGP0681
With the little break in winter yesterday, I came home, ditched the black bike/black jersey/dark brown pants in favor of the light bike/ridiculous stiped sweater/light pants. It was great, I felt so fun. Then got to shoot a few photos for Wholly Craft and head to meet the ladies at ORielly's. Was in a pretty amazing mood after and stopped to get an amazing grocery list of orange pop/PBR/orange flowers (sadly the reciepent was in a grumpy mood) But then I saw This post of River and my smile came back! Too cute!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

March Snow Storm

March Snow Storm, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Sunday morning the snow had stopped and I trudged around the neighborhood a bit to shoot some photos. Although High Street is semi-drivable, our streets and the neighboring streets really aren't and people were helping dig each other out. We're in no rush to dig ours out, but I had hold down the climbing gym so I headed north at 11. Slowly made it down our street to High, where it was iced over but nice and compacted. At N. Broadway I almost threw in the towel though. Not over the snow- but of course, my cleat had become loose & I couldn't unclip from the pedal. Now I am trudging into the Starbucks lot, connected to my bike, trying to manage it through the snow with my loaded panniers. It was a site. And of course I have my overbooties on, so I can't easily remove my shoe. Now I'm sitting in the icelot, struggling with my bootie, sweating in embarrassment. Sheesh, only me.
The rest of the ride was good except at 161 and Huntley, where it became a total ice sheet. I tried to walk my bike, and it was a struggle to stay upright it was so slick. There was about 6 cars stuck a different points in the intersection. Suckers!
March Snow Storm March Snow Storm
March Snow Storm IMGP0609

Voyage to Surly

Voyage to Surly, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Luckily I got out of working at the climbing gym on Saturday, so I made a few things, JG made mac & cheese and we headed to Surly. They posted a myspace bulletin that they were open and there were a good number of people out. The biking was better Saturday night than Friday. We dressed a bit warmer and the snow was packed down more than the previous night. Seriously though, no one should have been driving, nothing was really plowed, but it was really fun to bike in. I've perfected the technique of keeping the left foot clipped in and pedaling with that one mainly and using the right to drag along on the ground through areas of heavy snow. Only fell once, which for me in general, was utterly amazing.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Surly Snow Ride

Surly Snow Ride, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

I made it to work, made it two blocks from work to catch a ride home. Kinda assume we'd be locking in for the night so I was fully prepared to pull out all the stops to get JG to make Mac Hates Cheese, but we decided that Tip Top was a much better destination.
I have to say, we're been so caught up in work, bicoastal-ness, house repairs, cat sickness, quarreling, etc., that it was nice to take it back to just drinking beer and riding bikes. I don't think I've smiled as much as I did last night in a good while.
IMGP0515 Snow Ride

Friday, March 07, 2008

snow day!

The hall TV monitor said "Traffic reports not available due to severe weather" so everyone who lives outside the city took that as their que to quickly flee. I walked to the coffee stand where there's a window, and it doesn't seem too bad here. Everyone who's left lives in town- so basically everyone's under 30. It's very strange.
But I do have to say that this morning was one of my toughest commutes. I left the Dr. after it had started snowing and the snow was a lot different than usual- more like horizontal blinding ice pellets. And I tried to find out how to get on the bike path around Lane- when I finally did- it was flooded again. Pardon my language, but screw the bike path. I never liked riding on it and it's become more apparent that it's much easier to ride on the road.

In other news I got my stitches out! And a smaller cast! Yay!

Your future is bright

Thanks to Emily and the Crafty Cotillion fabric swap, I scored a great piece of flannel for the back of a baby blanket for Melissa's baby shower.
Although the original quilt involved a pirateship, a phirana and dark grey, I'm glad I found the cute "Your future is bright" print with fortune cookies and take out containers. Much more suited to the tastes of the recipient. (Everything can't always be for me..)
The binding material was more stretchy than I was comfortable with, but I had to go with it. I'm actually a bit disappointed in my sewing on the binding. :-( But the rest is cute and cuddly!
IMGP0495 IMGP0489
Bonus: August's first birthday cuteness!

Monday, March 03, 2008

First commuting day

I have to say, I was very correct when I thought that it would take me longer to dress/undress for my commute than the actual ride, (and it takes about 10 min to walk from when I park my bike to the fitness center building) but that's just fine with me. Plus spin class after was much more fun/much less scary than I expected.
It was an amazing morning. The moon was a great yellow sliver, and I have to say thanks to JG for 1.)building up the Raleigh (green bike in photo) and 2.) helping me put the rack on last night and 3.) Putting up with me. Although I've been stressed all weekend and irrationally mean to him as a result of it, I really appreaciate all he does. The distance has been tough lately and working Saturdays and Sundays doesn't leave much time for much else.
But after some household repairs and major purging, we took a little jaunt to see There will be Blood. Although I fell asleep in the middle for a bit, (I tried really, really hard not to) I have to say it is one of my favorite movies. I was pretty much sold in the opening ten minutes when the shots looked like old mining photos and there wasn't any talking, but it continued to get better as the minutes past and the ending was amazing.