Monday, March 03, 2008

First commuting day

I have to say, I was very correct when I thought that it would take me longer to dress/undress for my commute than the actual ride, (and it takes about 10 min to walk from when I park my bike to the fitness center building) but that's just fine with me. Plus spin class after was much more fun/much less scary than I expected.
It was an amazing morning. The moon was a great yellow sliver, and I have to say thanks to JG for 1.)building up the Raleigh (green bike in photo) and 2.) helping me put the rack on last night and 3.) Putting up with me. Although I've been stressed all weekend and irrationally mean to him as a result of it, I really appreaciate all he does. The distance has been tough lately and working Saturdays and Sundays doesn't leave much time for much else.
But after some household repairs and major purging, we took a little jaunt to see There will be Blood. Although I fell asleep in the middle for a bit, (I tried really, really hard not to) I have to say it is one of my favorite movies. I was pretty much sold in the opening ten minutes when the shots looked like old mining photos and there wasn't any talking, but it continued to get better as the minutes past and the ending was amazing.


  1. I drink your milkshake!!!

  2. ha, i fall asleep so much in movies..and try so hard not too, prolly cuz i go to movies at like 11pm sometimes..dumb


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