Monday, March 31, 2008

Ohhh College

So there was a whirlwind 20 hour tour of Pittsburgh. Meredith hadn't been to the city before, I needed to grab a few random items. We weren't able to get purple bar tape or the hub I was looking for, but munched on mung bean pancakes in the Strip; got some yummy, warm, fresh tofus; found a little shop with blueberry pierogies; had Yuenglings with my parents.
We stopped in Oakland for the brother's pre-hockey-formal party. Ohhhhh collllleeegeee. There were about 25 nicely dress kids crammed into a tiny, dirty sliver of a basement. When they emerged into the light to walk up the street to the banquet, not many could see straight. It was great. Plus, one of his housemates was in his 3rd floor room & had no idea the party was going on.
Meredith & I felt old.
Then we went to the Elks club (no smoking ban in Pgh- and no exhaust fan in the elks) participated in the 11 O'clock toast to the absent brothers, then stood in a circle (boy-girl-boy-girl of course) and sang God Bless America. Then at home we ate Tiramsu from the market in Bloomfield and saw Grandma in the morning.
There aren't very many standard 'vacation type sites to see in Pgh,' and an extra day would have warrented the incline, the Warhol museum, the Co-op and some shopping, but I think I gave an amazing 20-hour Pittsburgh tour in terms of cultural sampling.

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