Friday, March 14, 2008

Sharon Bell

A long awaited entry, but I can't not mention it. If you missed Sharon Bell's opening last gallery hop, then you should feel very sorry for yourself.
It was a refreshing reminder, that yes, there is actually decent art hidden in pockets in this city. Yes, I was probably partial as it fit perfectly into my color/subject/style preferences, but it was really well done, and the attention to detail was amazing. The textures and items that were the painting bases made me smile.
Plus , she and hubby are super nice and their daughter taintily served me up multiple tastey cookies. You can get her stuff here and their Dirty Booty kid's line here.
We pretty much missed everything else at Gallery hop, only making it to ROYGBIV, but still felt pretty fulfilled.
IMGP0498 IMGP0500


  1. OMG! You did NOT! You're my new BFF!!!

  2. OMG! You did NOT! You're my new BFF!!!

  3. OMG! You did NOT! You're my new BFF!!!

  4. Woops! I guess that first one went through then...
    But it makes this look like a real popular subject!

  5. You're work is awesome! But you two are too nice! You guys are my couple crush!

  6. Likewise! You guys are HOT, lol!!! Hey, maybe you can bring up the blog-for-hire thing at the next Cotillion meeting. Alissa just took a job at this site where you blog about your neighborhood. It pays $50/mo. Not much for the time involved, but it's something, and she's a pretty fast writer. But since most of us blog, making a bit o' extra cash doing it sounds pretty nice. And I LOOOVED the curtain!


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