Friday, March 21, 2008

Web host Guide

So, although the person I live with creates web-based applications and websites, you would think I would reap some of those benefits- but sadly I don’t. So I’ve been exploring the depths of the web to find an affordable solution to design and web hosting when I stumbled upon hal Sheth’s Guide to Kaushal's web hosting post. It’s a compiled simple list of recommended web hosting companies. He’s looked over the web and conversed with others to narrow his list down to three web hosting choices, and I’ll be definitely looking into one of them. Kaushal also has a few blogger templates available, and a few really nice wordpress themes too, so have a look around his site, and leave comments on the web hosting page if you want! I am particularly fond of the “Fluer” theme for the Wordpress blogs with the hope of spring on the way. The blog themes are just provided in list form, but if you click on the “demo” link, you can easily view them in a new tab, and they’re worth checking out along with the list of web hosting sites!

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  1. Anonymous1:14 AM only I hear about these things regarding webhosting......thanks....keep it up....


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