Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wow, it's been five years

Wow, it's been five years already since the start of the war. I feel like we should have a reunion. Well, maybe not just yet... Some of us have don't participate at all any more, some still go strong. Some use words like Fresh gear, some have moved away & had kids, some have stayed and did the same and are still creating.some of us take pics & ride bikes, some are still rambling, some are still writing, sell insurance and play rock n roll and still live cutely in Bloomfield. Some of us have gone off the deep end, became dentists, are getting pHDs in chemistry, gotten a pHD in logic from CMS, waitressing, running Food Not Bombs, teaching underprivledged youth, working for big corporations, lecturing on feminism, gearing up to go to law school, still running collectives and traveling the world. And it feels good that the time to start up the Indymedia is still a good investment. We've scattered around the country, and now connect with each other on different levels, and can conviently block out the negative aspects but we'll never forget the passion in our hearts, or the ridiculous situations.

PS. Utah Punks Never Die


  1. I protested the first Gulf War. Look at me now.

  2. Awesome!
    It's so funny- during that period we had a bulk mass of black hankerchiefs (like a few hundred) and I've used them thru the years as wash rags, part of craft projects, etc, and I was down to a remaining three that I used as hankerchiefs--- until I bought the 2 hankies from you at Junctionview. Yes!

  3. that brought a tear to me eye, petie!

  4. and a snicker too I bet!

  5. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Ranting? That's calm, cool word selection.


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