Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30-Aug 5th

Is when the age gap is over a decade. Weird to think about, but age is definitely a relative state. A quick jaunt to the age wiki and I think it's summed up when it says "chronological age does not correlate perfectly with functional age, i.e. two people may be of the same age, but differ in their mental and physical capacities."
A friend is always lamenting over her body 'aging' and the increasing inability to participate in physical activities as she is aging, while she's a few years younger than me. My climbing partner has children older than me, runs marathons, and drinks beer/hangs out like he's 20. I guess I've been thinking about this lately as a number of people have asked me my age since I've started the new job- after they ask if I'm an intern- and it takes me a second to think about the number A few times I've answered 24 & 27 (I'm 26), just because it's not something I think about or dwell on, then get nervous and spout out a number.
Or maybe this is just an excuse as my memory has be rapidly deteriorating...
Or maybe useful info is getting rapidly replaced. If you don't know what a Chumby is (previous post), check out their website. I've watched come up through it's hacked little DIY creation, and although not as thrilling as I had expected, it's fun. And if you have one, JG can be your Chum! Yes! It's basically an advanced alarm clock- it can run your feeds, traffic, weather, and has widgets for facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. Plus there are fun games. And it's cute.


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