Tuesday, April 01, 2008

OSU Undergrad show

I swung by the OSU undergrad art show last evening to see a few scholarships handed out and there were a few pieces that had me snickering, a few that I couldn't believe were hanging, and a few outstanding pieces. This was my favorite non-print work. (my favorite print and a round-up of the Justseeds.org print show later) Sadly, I did not get the artist's name and the title has just escaped me... True, there is a bias as it incorporated two of my favorite things- birdcages and bread, but there was just something about the tones, texture and lighting that made it for me.
This photo may have to be printed and reside in the kitchen next to the photo I took at last year's award show. Yeesh, looking at the photos it definitely wasn't as nice out. Oh yeah, and there was a main component missing to give out his awards.

Favorite non-print


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