Monday, April 07, 2008

Cbus Crafts in the Dispatch

Morning everyone! Hope you weren't effected by Skybus and had a pleasant weekend. AmyD had a little store opening on Saturday that I'll chat about later, but check out today's Dispatch for a little article on the Sampler. So The Sampler basically takes up to 100 items for an 'indie crafter' and makes up little 'gift bags' of sorts. Then they send (only) five out to the media and the rest are for sale. The Sampler "really is a very healthy cross section of what local crafters are doing."
So I contributed about 30 pendant necklaces. Folks seem to say that it drives up your typical etsy sales, but the mean rate for a good on etsy is $12, and that's about the price point where items easily sell through the site... While it's not exactly the target audience I am looking for, but it was fun to participate in.

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  1. I saw that article in the Dispatch too! That's great that you got to be a part of it.


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