Sunday, April 20, 2008


The lovely Basak and I made it out to try and see Dead Sea, but it was 1:30 and they hadn't gone on yet, & we had to duck out. But, we did get to see Swordheaven
Sadly, I worked late on Saturday and didn't make it over to Agora but was able to get caught up on a few other things which was nice. Such as transplanting a good number of seedlings into the outdoors. It's the first time I've grown from seeds, and I have to say that I am worried about my little guys out there. I ended up putting a good number of them in pots JUST IN CASE it gets cold again and they have to come inside. Plus I let the cats outside with me so they got to eat some grass & received thorough brushings which is good for them.
Also, someone from the past has been looking at my old work. If you were the one who was looking at this page or the old iwarp website, drop me a line, I might miss you!


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