Sunday, March 23, 2008

Way back when

Way back when, I used to make stuff like the handbag on the left and sell it on the internet. Now, this was before the days of etsy and at the beginning of paypal functionality, so yes, I hand coded every page after I gave up on dreamweaver. Today, there are better options for this, and Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted ecommerce software. They can provide design services if needed (which I obviously need-- bootleg????), and there is even a free 10 day ecommerce software trial. If you're a small (to medium) business, check it out! The website is easy to navigate and the features section is amazing, plus they not only offer a shopping cart service, but the full online store. It's a simple way to get your shop up and running yet still preserving your preferences and style.

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  1. E commerce is used not only for products sales but even for services.
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