Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Off

Kitchen project 1, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

So I was supposed to have Saturday off and it turned into Sunday off instead. My only day off of the month (I took the weekend off when JG was home, but ended up sick anyways)
The weekend was good. I didn't get to everything, but got pendants soldered, a table & tent for vending, replaced the tire on the cruiser, caps for the Bareknuckle frame, cleaned the downstairs, cleaned out the hall closet & bathroom drawers, thinned the plants, had to work during all the Saturday 'earth day' activities, but made the worms a new home (but with design flaws and a crucial break during transportation), cleaned out the fridge, made dinner for friends, enabled Basak to fix her NEW BIKE, Johnathan helped me with kitchen project #2, cut branches for my vending set up. Washed clothing. Scrubbed bedroom floor. Got a few things together for the treasure swap. Wasn't able to get to things that I have been sadly lingering on, like a handful of cards and letters to folks I miss. Sadness.
Did some extensive research during work & last night on this Bisphenol-A leaching/Nalgene craze (result: people are crazy. turn off your TV, don't buy what you don't need), thought alot about kids, the environment, epidemiology, environmental classism, lean manufacturing, brushed up on Arsenic chemistry for a few hours this morning. That's how I need to end my day, so I've come to the conclusion: it's easier to not take the day off, or not work weekends too.


  1. Yeah. Phew. That's some day off. Better stay busy working. Less time to think.

    Or spend your day off on a bike ride or hike somewhere?

  2. Some fresh air is definity in order. Just need a few more hours in a day...


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