Wednesday, May 28, 2008



SF, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
Soon, but not soon enough. 
It's nice to wake up in Ohio, but you can't beat waking up to the view of the fog rolling in over the mountains through large windows and a balcony. The added bonus of leaving all responsibilty/stress that I wake up to in Ohio can be left in Ohio for a few days. Pretty priceless.
Jeremy Fish @ White Wall Gallery

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mt. Diablo State Park

Even though I don't really like animals, apparently others do, as this photo can now be seen on the Mt. Diablo Schmapp!!
Schmapp describes itself : "Exploring a Schmap Guide is a uniquely interactive experience: maps and guide content are dynamically integrated, allowing intuitive, real-time access to reviews and photo slideshows for places of interest."Seems neat.
(PS, although the little horse looks like it's dead, it's just all tuckered out and resting in the sun)

If you're reading this, you should come over

If you're reading this, you should come over.
In leu of the last-monday-of-the-month Crafty Cotilion meeting, we're having a picnic!
Feel free to bring food, drinks, friends etc. The grill will be available for use, but veg only.
Some form of entertainment will be provided. Olivia said she'd play Sweet Valley High with me, but there will be other options...

Monday, May 19, 2008

X, featuring Magenta.

X Zine
So after a day of gardening we headed to see X at the Newport.
Backtrack: it's Friday afternoon and I had the car, so I'm running a few errands on the east side of town, when I hear on the radio that X is playing at the Newport Sunday night. So I freak out and text JG, but he's in a meeting, so I call ticketmaster while driving (I try not to talk & drive in the city), and when that fails, go back to the office & breach ever security code to get tickets. I FEEL LUCKY AS I ASSUME THEY OF COURSE WOULD BE CLOSE TO SELLING OUT.
This band holds a special place in my heart. We danced to them most of senior year of college, and when I graduated and left Pgh more than a few gifted mix CDs has "Los Angeles" on it. It's my ringtone and I've woken up to it for the last few years as I never expected to stay in Cbus- or at least keep traveling alot for work. My brother and I walked out of the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA after seeing an amazing Mark Ryden show (my first time seeing a REAL MARK RYDEN) and they were playing as free street show. We had to head back to Orange county so didn't see them, but they sounded amazing. Then JG had a story of sitting down-bar from John Doe @ Surly, and the geologist/ex-surfer I did alot of fieldwork with was a huge fan and had seen them dozens of times/hung out with them.
Forward to the present: So we get to the Newport. At the table they are pawning some zines with the tshirts and I have the dreaded "I am the oldest one here" feeling coming on, but then we step inside.
MY JUDGMENT WAS TOTALLY OFF. The tickets were not close to sold out and we were about the youngest ones there. Or at least about the only ones there in the our age bracket without their 6 yr old kid that they were taking to their first show. The other folks could easily have been my parents. I think I may have seen a few engineers from work there, and the suitjacket/t-shirt/jeans look was the rage.
Then there was THE BAND. Dang. Exene, the singer- at first I exclaimed "She looks like my grandma!"- but that wasn't trulooked like an old Magenta from Rocky Horror. The guitar & bass players looked good and seemed to be enjoying themselves. They set started really tight although the vocals were low, but by the end, they were totally dragging her along. It felt like a cross between Magenta, X and Edie Beale from Grey Gardens, and I was leaning towards Edie especially when the drum beat was just pulling her along so hard, she had her hands in her hair, & gawdy brooches, when JG noticed that Billy Zoom look like a Chuck-E-Cheese anamatronic character (check the first 2 seconds of this clip.) and at he saw at one point Exene arranged her bangles so she could glance at her watch...
Here's a video of Los Angeles from SXSW, they were a tad better musically at the Newport, but she had the same dress on. Here's Johnny hit and Run Paulene too... I have an analogy to make with this experience, but it's probably not appropriate to say and made references to many aspects of life, so I'll leave you with a dim bit of advice: If you're going to see a band that's older, drink heavily or stay far back. It'll be great in that context.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bike & Show @ Junctionview

Hope you were able to hit up the Bike + Art Show at today. I wasn't able to go, but did have a few things on display. I hung 99 Moo cards. I've been watching all the hype around these, and although they are pretty fun, the printing is pretty poor. Click the above pic to get to the flickr site that's full of notes of what each pic is.
I was at the space on Friday before all the art was in and hung, but Alissa's wheel was beautiful.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bike to Work Week

IMGP1509, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

So I took my prized precious out in the pending rain for Bike To Work Week Breakfast (okay, so it was mainly taken cause the surly's tires are low, & there's no way in hell I can take the P/R in less-than-perfect conditions), but anyways, it was a nice event and highlights included bike cookies left over from the day before plus the guy with the other kogswell in cbus isn't too bad on the eyes...
Saw Lance at OSU yesterday, and it was underwhelming, but found out that the Livestrong Summit is happening @ OSU in July, & the presidential canidates were invited to talk about their cancer perspectives, which is really interesting.

Comfest 2008

Emily and I got into Comfest again. This year, we each have a little different stuff. Here's a few of the recap from years past:
Fri 2007
Dead Sea 2007
Sat 2007
Comfest 2006
(I had a wedding in Pgh during so not many photos...)
Sat 2005
Friday 2005

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Labbits @ Rivet

We took a little stroll in the Short North Saturday afternoon, and I made sure to hit up the Down the Bunny Hole show at Rivet Gallery. They feature Frank Kozik's Labbits- which I am a huge fan of, and a proud owner of a teeny hot pink one from Kid Robot. But I mainly stopped into check out Sharon Bell's "The forgotten child of lust and addiction" and was pleasantly surprised at the rest of the collection.
From Medina, OH was a labbit by Amanda Spayd. I couldn't find a website for her, but her flickr set of plush seems worth looking into. J Neth's labbit is also very fun, I really love the dancing cigarette that accomanies it. Too cute!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mid Ohio

Corn in Ohio IMGP1473
Although I didn't ride TOSRV I still had to go in a little retrieval mission to Portmouth, OH. Seemed clear when I got there, but apparently there was a tornado watch in Cbus. I made a few little stops, like to get turnips from the Amish and take some photos in a VERY MUDDY field.

Happy Mother's Day

Sadly, I didn't get any pics of my mom (although a nice one of dad), but she made us, so Happy Mother's Day! and thanks everyone for coming to visit. It was much needed.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rivendell for TOSRV

I didn't end up riding TOSRV but got to see my family instead. Am, I'm really glad I didn't as it wasn't looking very nice out, and I would have been a very whinny little petie.

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North Market

Special thanks to Sweet Stella for the photos!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

North Market Artisan Sundays

You can find my wares on etsy at
Thanks to everyone who stopped at my booth today. Sadly, I forgot the memory card for my camera, so I didn't get a picture with ELVIS COSTELLO, or my new smaller booth set up. I haven't been making much lately, so there were just a few purses out, but the plate necklaces sold well. There was one that I made late last night that sold first thing that I was unable to photograph, but I have to say that it was my favorite piece in a long while.

It was nice to see three ladies carrying my bags, two of which exclaimed "we didn't even know this [craft hawking] was happening today." And it was nice to see teeny tiny baby Olivia. Plus- I my scalp-part got sunburn! Yes! I was out in the sun long enough to effect me! Hurray! I was very grateful to be not working at the gym this sunday. Then a lovely dinner with Sweet Stella and now waiting patiently to pick someone up from the airport...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

lilies 5/1

lilies 5/1, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Most of my plant projects aren't working out. It's very disheartening. And very time consuming. I'll be at the North Market tomorrow, but without many crafts in hand.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Strawberry picking

Strawberry picking, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Hope you had a good May Day!