Sunday, May 04, 2008

North Market Artisan Sundays

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Thanks to everyone who stopped at my booth today. Sadly, I forgot the memory card for my camera, so I didn't get a picture with ELVIS COSTELLO, or my new smaller booth set up. I haven't been making much lately, so there were just a few purses out, but the plate necklaces sold well. There was one that I made late last night that sold first thing that I was unable to photograph, but I have to say that it was my favorite piece in a long while.

It was nice to see three ladies carrying my bags, two of which exclaimed "we didn't even know this [craft hawking] was happening today." And it was nice to see teeny tiny baby Olivia. Plus- I my scalp-part got sunburn! Yes! I was out in the sun long enough to effect me! Hurray! I was very grateful to be not working at the gym this sunday. Then a lovely dinner with Sweet Stella and now waiting patiently to pick someone up from the airport...


  1. it was great getting to see everyone!
    glad it was such a nice day

  2. oh man! moogan was there too! shoot! i wish i had gotten there earlier and didn't have to rush around :) (also sorry i added an "e" to your last name, grr!) :)

    hopefully see you in june! :)


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