Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guess how many

Guess how many tomatoes in the garden...
Now for the dream sequence:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Days

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GRE Math is my Suduko

So many people, including my parents, do the weekly crossword puzzle, suduko and other such games- but I really never understood the intrigue. Mainly because I am very lacking in the verbal arena, and have problems spelling or retaining facts needed for such puzzles.
Until today.
So going through the GRE study book, I was going to write a little rant similar to a good handful of others have been doing in the blogosphere, but then I got to the math problems. (although I may still rant later on the paragraph that said "the math section is small as most people do not take college level math" well, what happens to us who didn't take English classes?)
Now I totally see why people enjoy the newspaper puzzles. I do a monthly problem similar to this, but it's usually really hard and frustrating and people then banter over the answer in the comments. The GRE problems are challenging in a sense that they use ideas that you haven't thought about in a while, but easy enough that you win most of the time. And winning is fun! You could be half awake Sunday mornings, or drinking a few beers on the back porch and still win most of the time! Now it all makes sense to me...
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Friday, July 18, 2008


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I found 4 very large slugs while cleaning out some wood earlier in the week, so the first thing I thought of was "Are there slugs IN my tomatoes?!"
Luckily, they were still just a bit green on the inside.
Sadly though, I thought they were Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry Tomatoes, but they haven't grown a casing, so I guess they aren't... Possibly the Broad Ripple instead?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Buy Handmade

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Everytime you buy something handmade, a robot gets it's wings. Amazing.
Also amazing was how many people responded to the free old wood we had, and when I put the mower and rusted-out fire chimney out on the curb to go to the dump tomorrow, someone swiped it in literally under 20min. So great. Just have to get rid of the large pile of little wood, pavers, insulation, gas cans, and collection of cardboard boxes from the basement.
Things are slowly coming together here...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry Tomatoes

So a weekend of not watering, and pruning beforehand helped the tomatoes.
The family botanist/master gardener had rot on hers too and said that with all the rain, it's hard to prevent & nothing to be too concerned about.
I'm still going to try to mulch around them this weekend though as I've read up on, and as a neighbor has done too.
Now to tackle the mosquito problem...

A Jaunt Home

IMGP2310 Chauch's Bike Craig's AptIMGP2278
IMGP2272 IMGP2268
Of course a great trip home. Man, time is flying: Visited Matt at his jobber in his suit and HANDMADE SHIRTS; Jeff will soon be hawking the pharma, it was Katie's birthday and she was flashing the engagement ring, Chauch is shacked up with his lady friend and his bestfriend is a monkey. Starbucks will be done at the end of the month. Me? I guess I'm just getting by...

Here's a nice little 'history of errors for Pgh from thiTs weeks paper. Although I thought that Alexander Berkman stabbed Frick and I saw the knife in the history museum. (and I exclaimed "popo gigo"). I'll have to wait until someone comes out of the wilderness for this answer. And there's a nice little shout out to Oct 1948, which is one of the reasons why I do what I do. (refinery shakes are a close second)

Unrelated: I wasn't really a Fiest fan. Until today when I saw this video. Juvenile, but ohhh, so cute.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Key Phrases

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A few notable phases I've heard today:
"You're gonna look good on judgment day!" (strong cackle)
"The deer was three feet away from hitting me on my bike"
"Maybe we shouldn't just vent the nitrogen/mercury fumes into the air" (thank you- finally)
"You are defined by your car, it is a statement of YOU"
"I would never go to Miami, FL, it's dirty and full of drugs & rich people. I meant Miami, OH"
The first one is my favorite and definitely woke me up on my way in this morning.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So a few of you have emailed me, and yeah, the rumor is true. The craft-for-profit stuff filled a dumpster last Saturday. I'll comment more on it later, but the short of it is- I want to be really good at my job, want to work on our house, not be stressed by it, tend to my garden, ride my bike, climb, get back to yoga and make new friends. Instead of investing money on further craftiness, I enrolled in yoga again, bought GRE materials and some bike parts.
So, it's really only two days into it, but last night I worked on my bike, today I was able to work my 11 hr work day, run at lunch, go to yoga after and not worry about a mess at home or the need to make things. It's splendid.


A good number of the tomato plants that were growing well in the ground are now full of disease. The above picture is actually representative of a healthy leaf now. :-(
I've been reading up on it, and read to try spraying an aspirin solution, pouring milk on them, etc, but since I'd have to buy either of those things anyways, I'm going to try and track down some copper fungicide tomorrow...
For now, here are some happy potted ones:
IMGP2243 IMGP2242 IMGP2236 IMGP2238 IMGP2218

Monday, July 07, 2008

Frontyard check-in

IMGP2195 IMGP2193 IMGP2191 IMGP2202
Planted a new cone flower, transplanted the hops to a little mound of their own, finished setting pavers.
The bean plants died a few weeks ago, they were growing well with no attention, but caught some type of disease that made their stems woody and brown from the bottom up and leaves bright yellow. All I could think of was this phytoextraction tree farm I had worked with and the way the chemicals were moving up the plants. Then I got freaked out and so the beans are just sitting there- possible little chemical pods....

Surly Parking Lot Blowout

IMGP2183 IMGP2157 IMGP2163 IMGP2166
It's only a night like this that we wish I still had the apt. right above Surly.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy 4th

IMGP2085 IMGP2091 IMGP2142 IMGP2125IMGP2107
It started on a mission to track down Rad Dog, but in the excitement of a vegan hotdog cart, I totally misread the dates... So we headed to Tip Top, sat on the patio until the rain came, headed to Carabar to watch the fireworks on their back patio, rode through the absolute downtown madness of after-firework-traffic, Betty's then Surly.
A good run indeed. Then on Friday I cleaned out the house and we headed to a lil 4th picnic. It started out innocently enough, with badminton and croquet, but turned into chaos by the end. Good chaos.