Tuesday, July 08, 2008


A good number of the tomato plants that were growing well in the ground are now full of disease. The above picture is actually representative of a healthy leaf now. :-(
I've been reading up on it, and read to try spraying an aspirin solution, pouring milk on them, etc, but since I'd have to buy either of those things anyways, I'm going to try and track down some copper fungicide tomorrow...
For now, here are some happy potted ones:
IMGP2243 IMGP2242 IMGP2236 IMGP2238 IMGP2218

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  1. A fellow Pacemont resident1:20 PM

    A few gardening books will advise against this but I planted a variety of heirloom tomatoes and mulched around the stems with a thick layer of grass clippings. This keeps soil from splashing on the leaves and spreading disease and pests.

    Heirlooms can sometimes be cantankerous to grow but so far I've had great results.

    Good luck!


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