Sunday, July 20, 2008

GRE Math is my Suduko

So many people, including my parents, do the weekly crossword puzzle, suduko and other such games- but I really never understood the intrigue. Mainly because I am very lacking in the verbal arena, and have problems spelling or retaining facts needed for such puzzles.
Until today.
So going through the GRE study book, I was going to write a little rant similar to a good handful of others have been doing in the blogosphere, but then I got to the math problems. (although I may still rant later on the paragraph that said "the math section is small as most people do not take college level math" well, what happens to us who didn't take English classes?)
Now I totally see why people enjoy the newspaper puzzles. I do a monthly problem similar to this, but it's usually really hard and frustrating and people then banter over the answer in the comments. The GRE problems are challenging in a sense that they use ideas that you haven't thought about in a while, but easy enough that you win most of the time. And winning is fun! You could be half awake Sunday mornings, or drinking a few beers on the back porch and still win most of the time! Now it all makes sense to me...
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