Monday, July 14, 2008

A Jaunt Home

IMGP2310 Chauch's Bike Craig's AptIMGP2278
IMGP2272 IMGP2268
Of course a great trip home. Man, time is flying: Visited Matt at his jobber in his suit and HANDMADE SHIRTS; Jeff will soon be hawking the pharma, it was Katie's birthday and she was flashing the engagement ring, Chauch is shacked up with his lady friend and his bestfriend is a monkey. Starbucks will be done at the end of the month. Me? I guess I'm just getting by...

Here's a nice little 'history of errors for Pgh from thiTs weeks paper. Although I thought that Alexander Berkman stabbed Frick and I saw the knife in the history museum. (and I exclaimed "popo gigo"). I'll have to wait until someone comes out of the wilderness for this answer. And there's a nice little shout out to Oct 1948, which is one of the reasons why I do what I do. (refinery shakes are a close second)

Unrelated: I wasn't really a Fiest fan. Until today when I saw this video. Juvenile, but ohhh, so cute.


  1. To embed youtube videos:
    Go to the youtube page of the video you want to post. On the right panel there will be a text box that says "embed" and in it will be html tags. Copy that html and paste it into the html portion of your post.

    And yes, a monkey is my best friend!

  2. the cheapass gun didn't get frick after a few shots, so he threw himself at frick and DID successfully stab frick -- in the leg.


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