Monday, September 29, 2008

bike camping Fri. night

alum creek
So we headed out after work/drunk volleyball. We stopped halfway at the pond:
the pond
Although we didn't swim, we sampled the local cuisine and beverages:
local cuisine
Then we rode in the dark to the wilderness of Alum Creek, where we listened to scary stories (ie poor podcasts and the presidential debate). Luckily there was a Drugmart on the way to get some ambiance:
very scary
Luckily the rain held off in the morning and we had a nice ride home. All and all a nice lil trip
alum creek

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Home

IMGP3501, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Dad's 60th.

Craig ate himself, so it was just dad and I:

Monday, September 15, 2008

And then the wind came...

So it started off with intentions of bike camping in plain Circleville and ended as a great adventure weekend.
There was a good lightening storm Saturday morning and I thought that we were going to have to bail on bike camping plans, but by the time jg got up, the weather had cleared and we headed south to Circleville. Now, "what's in Circleville" I had been asked and previously replied "nothing," but that was not true...
We headed down keeping a good pace for not riding loaded in a while and having fierce wind at some points. It was clear and very hot, but the ride was smooth and gorgeous and I had good company. Luckily jg was a tad out of shape, so I was able to keep up with him, thus eliminating a good amount of whinning...

IMGP3348 4th Stop IMGP3350
We arrived in Circleville with every intention of grabbing a quick bite and a beer, then heading to the state park to camp. (you know, since we hauled everything 40 miles), but there was an executive decision made to stay at the bar and watch the OSU game and get a room for the night. I considered this equally an adventure since 1.) we aren't OSU fans (we'll, we're just indifferent to sports, but think it's fun to watch them with others who are excited), 2.)we never travel, or on a whim would get a hotel room, 3.) The PBR's couldn't have tasted better. 4.) the idea of a shower was very thrilling to me (I'm covered in poison ivy) as was 5.) the idea of eating a heap of greasy bar food (the park was about 10 miles away vs. 2 for the room). They let us park our bikes inside, so we were set.
Last Stop Saturday IMGP3354

Of course the room's "no smoking policy" was either created the previous day or not enforced, so we woke up with serious sore throats, but headed to the park to do a little hike around the lake. It was really nice to be out there.
IMGP3370 IMGP3372 IMGP3358
Although the hike was 5 miles, I was hoping it was longer as it was a bit overwhelming think that we still had to bike home. The wind was pretty good around the lake and I assumed that we would be fighting it the whole way home too.
How wrong I was. Yay for hurricane affects! We made it due north to the half way point in a ridiculous amount of time.
IMGP3379 IMGP3382 IMGP3375
The second half of the trip home was much different as we had to head east and the wind was still coming from the south. No amount of crouching can make you little on the Xtracycle. As we pulled into downtown the wind seemed to be picking up from the east and twice I lost control from the sideward wind push. Assuming it was just the affects of the buildings, we grabbed beers at Tip Top while the winds surged around us. When they died down a bit we headed home, and we underestimated what just happened. Gooddale Park looked like a war zone.
IMGP3388 IMGP3408 IMGP3415
I'm dissapointed in myself though- I was excited as it wasn't raining, but I really didn't get any good shots... Anyhow- it was crazy around the park, and the wind wasn't really letting us go anywhere too quickly. I've never been so greatful for ridiculously oversized sunglasses. We fought our way back to 5th and Olentangy, where the car luckily was. Lines were down on the way home, and people were driving very crazily. CVS was closed because there was a live wire on the sidewalk next to it, so we had to stop at Giant Eagle. It was totally packed- as expected- but people weren't stalking up on the 'essentials' that are usually recommended. Nope, most carts were full of soda. I guess people thought that vending machines weren't going to be working for a while? Except for the cart infront of me- they had 3 bottles of Parrot Bay. I had the essentials too: bananas, Calamine lotion, PBR, Cheezits.
Luckily the huge power line to the back of our house was still intact, and the table umbrella didn't take it down, but a good number of my plants were crushed. Our block's power typically goes out with a gust wind, but suprisingly, our power was restored this morning. I think 50% of our county was still without power this evening.
IMGP3437 IMGP3435

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pgh Labor

East End Graffiti, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

I wasn't going to post until after the exciting events tomorrow, but you have to check this out:
"Pittsburgh-based artist Bill Yund has just launched an online collection of his drawings and stories about child labor, "Hardbred". Bill's illustrations of regional Pennsylvania labor struggles cover events like the Battle of Homestead (1892) and the little-known Allegheny Cotton Mill Strikes (1848). The "Kids@Work - then and now" series is based on actual accounts of young, exploited labor. Yund's illustrations are bold and poignant, and it's great to see them collected online. The website has PDF's available of the "Kids" series in a booklet form as a teaching aid, and powerpoint versions are available as well"

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Crime Trailer & Grave

Crime Trailer & Grave, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

So the husband abused the wife, and was cheating on her. One night in 2003, she found out about the cheating and shot him in their trailer. He is buried beside it and the courts warranted it justified, so she served no time.
It was pretty scary to be near it all, it a few hundred yards away from a friend's house on their driveway.
Grave angel Stuff was left inside the trailer

Tuesday, September 02, 2008