Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fast Forward 14 years

So my parents pulled back the carpeting in my bedroom this week. Whenever renovating we leave little notes, (under carpeting, behind the toliet, etc) and when we moved into a new house, my dad let us write on the floors before he put the carpeting down.

To set the scene, I had gone veg a year or 2 before, would send $ to Greenpeace & was really into the Moby Everything is wrong album.
Guess not much has changed though. I still write my name basically the same, love Treasures & think about those issues.
Differences though would be that I think that spewing out numbers, reading leaflets, signing petitions, direct actions, etc. usually result in more energy, it's really hard to understand issues from every angle, but I can say I'm glad I do what I do everyday.
Also, there were those few days when we were on the glacier in Patagonia, when I was so greatful that that hole in the ozone was over us- it was so nice and warm on my face and really heated the tent up when is was about 20F out!
Under my Bedroom carpet- Treasure! Under my Bedroom carpet- Signature Under my Bedroom carpet- OZone 2008-10-23 12:14:06 -0400

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hoover Dam

I've been trying to get in an adventure a weekend, and Columbus/Ohio has more going for it that I have had time to realize over the last few years. It's been nice to explore. On the east side of town is the 'Hoover Dam.' I had been there for a corporate lunch once, but didn't realize it was a park. I rode out there, hiked a bit and took some photos before work on Sunday. It's mid-October and warm enough for a tank and shorts- can't really beat that! Then I met Basak for the Sunday night Ladies ride. No one else showed, so we rode around and had a lovely evening. Logged 65 miles throughout the day with the 30 lb training weights in the Xtracycle, so my legs were a little too tired to spin this morning. :-( more pics here
IMGP3754 IMGP3776 IMGP3819
IMGP3755 IMGP3832 IMGP3817

IMGP3802 IMGP3796 IMGP3781

Two buddies

Two buddies, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Akron to A Christmas Story!

(hey, it's October, not Xmas yet!)
I didn't work at the gym this Sunday, so I decided to explore the portion of the Ohio and Erie Canal that stretches from Akron to Cleveland. Originally I assumed that it was going to rain this weekend, and it was going to be a good test scenario for tire choice for an upcoming BIG ADVENTURE.
But it was perfect out. The trail from Akron to Cleveland was really nice- it was well maintained, nice signage, level, leaves were starting to change but hadn't fallen, although very crowded. Plus, one stop had amazing brownies and trailmix. I got on the trail around 9:30ish, and it was cold enough to see your breath, but after a few miles I saw a family of about 5 deer hovering around and crossing the path. Around mile 20 or so when the locks become attractions, I saw 2 turtles sunbathing on a log. Around 30, the crowds had thinned out and the terain became wetlands; I came around a bend to see two deer about 100 yards infront of me. It was odd- we looked at each other and as I slowly approached, they would scurry just a bit a head, and be indecisive about which side of the trail to go to & this went on for a bit. Then, they started trotting about that distance infront of me- at my speed, and would keep looking back at me. This went of for at least a quarter mile until the little one found a hiding space.
On the southern end of Cleveland, the Cleveland Metroparks maintains the trail, and it is gorgeous. Then is feeds into reclaimed brownsfields (in the form of Walmart, Target, etc) and then up the hill to the Tremont section of town. About 50 yards from where the path feeds you to the city was a sign for the House from a Christmas Story. I misread the cost of admission and am not sad that I didn't go in- but I was already in a bit of a time crunch.
All in all, the trail is something not to miss. It's flat and easily accessible to anyone- even just for a short stint. MY MAP!
Akron to Cleveland Towpath Little nap break Cleveland
Christmas Story House! IMGP3688

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Inniswoods Botanical Gardens

IMGP3695, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

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