Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fast Forward 14 years

So my parents pulled back the carpeting in my bedroom this week. Whenever renovating we leave little notes, (under carpeting, behind the toliet, etc) and when we moved into a new house, my dad let us write on the floors before he put the carpeting down.

To set the scene, I had gone veg a year or 2 before, would send $ to Greenpeace & was really into the Moby Everything is wrong album.
Guess not much has changed though. I still write my name basically the same, love Treasures & think about those issues.
Differences though would be that I think that spewing out numbers, reading leaflets, signing petitions, direct actions, etc. usually result in more energy, it's really hard to understand issues from every angle, but I can say I'm glad I do what I do everyday.
Also, there were those few days when we were on the glacier in Patagonia, when I was so greatful that that hole in the ozone was over us- it was so nice and warm on my face and really heated the tent up when is was about 20F out!
Under my Bedroom carpet- Treasure! Under my Bedroom carpet- Signature Under my Bedroom carpet- OZone 2008-10-23 12:14:06 -0400


  1. I LOVE IT! Wish we could all receive a suprise reminder of who we once were, how far we've come and a happy snapshot of our childhood. Your post made me smile!

  2. Petie! we did that in our house too when we were kids :)


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