Monday, October 13, 2008

Hoover Dam

I've been trying to get in an adventure a weekend, and Columbus/Ohio has more going for it that I have had time to realize over the last few years. It's been nice to explore. On the east side of town is the 'Hoover Dam.' I had been there for a corporate lunch once, but didn't realize it was a park. I rode out there, hiked a bit and took some photos before work on Sunday. It's mid-October and warm enough for a tank and shorts- can't really beat that! Then I met Basak for the Sunday night Ladies ride. No one else showed, so we rode around and had a lovely evening. Logged 65 miles throughout the day with the 30 lb training weights in the Xtracycle, so my legs were a little too tired to spin this morning. :-( more pics here
IMGP3754 IMGP3776 IMGP3819
IMGP3755 IMGP3832 IMGP3817

IMGP3802 IMGP3796 IMGP3781


  1. I finally got a bike over the weekend. I would love to do the Sunday Nite Ladies Ride but I am not quite ready for it yet physically. Maybe next spring...

  2. Beautiful photos. Have you ever thought about selling prints on Etsy? I've been thinking about that a little bit.

  3. I agree these photos looks amazing. What a nice weekend!

  4. Basak5:24 PM

    what route did you take to Hoover Dam?

  5. To the dam:
    Schrock Rd and head east, basically. Route to the dam

  6. Thought about selling prints on etsy? Yes- Considered actually doing it- No.
    I don't think I'd get the $ to make up for my time + the print + shipping. Plus etsy buyers are stingy. (And I honestly don't think anyone would fork over cash for mine)


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