Sunday, November 23, 2008

Autumn Bike Trip. Day 2

IMGP3973 IMGP3978 IMGP3971 IMGP3956
Day 2 began with sore legs and a quick trip to the local store. Note: vegetarians (at least in the off season) will have a difficult time finding healthy food. We survived off of pizza, mac & cheese bites and Yuengling. We're not athletes by a long shot, and this was probably the optimum energy source for us personally, but we packed on the pounds during the trip.
Anyways. We shoved off onto the 2% grade. The tops of our thighs were burning. The grade was really only noticable in the thighs and the speedometer.
Right before the Salsibury Viaduct:
IMGP3987 IMGP3988 IMGP3995IMGP4015
We slowy continued upward to the Continental Divide- the highest point on the trail.
"The trail has a packed crushed limestone surface for a smooth ride. Built mainly on abandoned railbeds, the trail is nearly level with the average grade of less than 1/2%. The eastbound averages 0.2% grade and is steepest--0.8% between Harnedsville and Markleton and Garrett and Deal. The westbound grade from Cumberland to Deal averages 1.75%. At Deal, near the Big Savage Tunnel, the trail crosses the Eastern Continental Divide. From that point going east, the trail drops 1,754 feet in 24 miles to reach Cumberland and, going west, it drops 1,664 feet in 126 miles to reach Pittsburgh. From Cumberland to Washington, DC, you drop 625 feet to sea level."
From here it was all downhill to Cumberland, and I was very greatful for that.
IMGP4064IMGP4056 IMGP4049 IMGP4039 IMGP4063 IMGP4048
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