Sunday, November 23, 2008

Autumn Bike Trip. Day 3

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On Sunday night we rolled into Cumberland, MD. The logistics of getting into town, grabbing dinner and supplies and heading down the trail 10 more miles were a bit iffy- and we were fighting the time change, so we got a hotel room. "Cumberland was a key road, railroad and canal junction during the 1800s and at one time the second largest city in Maryland (second to the port city of Baltimore--hence its nickname "The Queen City"). The surrounding hillsides provided coal, iron ore, and timber that helped supply the Industrial Revolution. In addition, the city was a major manufacturing center, with industries in glass, breweries, fabrics, and tinplate." The town has a noticable impact from the trail- the Allegheny Passage ends here and the C & O Canal begins. There is a large visitor's center, new shops, etc. But, it is the off-season and a Sunday night, so we were able to grab a few items from the bike shop (I think I ate 2 pounds of the leftover Halloween candy they offered us) and had snacks at the one restaurant (the Crabby Pig). While wandering around in the evening we noticed a bulk foods & deli shop so we planned to leave a bit later in the morning to get some supplies from there.
Heading out- the C&O Canal is maintained by a different organization than the passage and the conditions are MUCH different. The towpath is about the same as when the mules drug the boats up the canal.
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