Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Autumn Bike Trip. Day 5 cont.

The whole time prepping for the trip we had heard "You need nubby or mtb bike tires", "road tires won't work on the canal," "take lots of spare tubes," but luckily it had been dry prior to us going and our tires were fine. The back Xtracycle Wheel had 3 total flats, but jg didn't have any.
During the last evening it rained a small bit and sections of the path were pretty slick, muddy, wet-leaves, and/or gross. We really lucked out- we had anticipated rain, but could never had anticipated what the towpath would have actually been it if had rained, or the misery that those days would have been.
We continued along, briefly stopping at Great Falls, DC and ending in Georgetown.
Grabbed a few Belgium beers, hit up the Excorcist steps and caught a ride from my cousin to Baltimore. (feel free to now donate to the ulman fund)

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