Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For Sale


54cm EAI Bareknuckle frame, 700C 36sp Velocity Deep V handbuilt wheels, front Tektro brake, NOS brake lever and housing, surly flip-flip hub, surly 18t cog (i believe), nitto seatpost and handle bars, champs grips, cane creek headset, random mtb stem. Saddle and pedals not included. Only about 300 light miles on it, always inside, never saw rain. Light scratches on the frame.
It's awesome- it's so nice and light, just glides along. There's an overlap and a void in the bike collection, so this one has to go to make room for a new one. :-(
Rational offer, would split frame-bottom brack-fork-headset package or wheels.

IMGP0196 IMGP0195 IMGP0196 IMGP0202 IMGP0201 IMGP3044 Route Holder

IMGP0199 IMGP0200

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009


I haven't posted much here about my LLS Team In Training, (or written actual WORDS in a long while) so here it goes (esp for you B) ...

So Saturday I ran my first 'race.'
It was more of an 'organized event' for me.
I was to run a 5k a few Fridays prior, but my dad came into town, and that was much better to do. (plus, I was scared and it was in the suburbs, and it was a 7 on a Friday night)

So anyways, after not sleeping much and getting up at 5:30, I was able to run 10 miles in 1:45. I didn't think it was too shabby, although the rankings show differently...
2 Sundays before I had run 7.5 miles, and then my training had gone to nothing, so I didn't think I could make it 2 miles let alone 10. A little ecouragement from jg (you can take breaks) and I headed out there.

It took 15 minutes to properly adjust the chip on my shoe, ate too many energy block, fiddled with my pandora stations for too long and finally got up to head to the starting point.

I ran into other TNTer's that I hadn't met and they were great, but said "oh- you're doing the TEN MILER?" After the stomach drop and thoughts of cop-out, I stood in line to leave with the 10milers.

It was awesome. It's so much more motivating to run in that environment than solo, and my partner for the first 3 miles had a quick pace which was refreshing. The last stretch was around Anrtium lake, my knee was killing, but Pandora was doing me well, pulling me along, and I thought- "the next song, I'll just book it to the finish" Then- whap-whap- it was a goo-goo-dolls song. I stopped- flabbergasted at my luck once again, and to switch a pandora song on the iphone takes longer than it should... then continued on to make it in 1 second under my revised goal.* Yes!

*original goal was to finish, then to finish under 2 hrs, then to finish under 1:45.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Peace Out

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Peace out kittycat, you had a good long life.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rock Dove

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There was a 'rock dove' living on our front porch for about a week. He was really tame and would sleep either under the chair or in a corner. He didn't seem able to fly but would scurry around. We fed him some seeds and chips but he didn't eat. A few times a friend would come and visit him. One night jg tortured birdie with his cat (not very nice) and then the next day I stopped at home after work and he wasn't on the porch. When jg got home 2hrs later, the birdie was back and it looked like it had been attacked by one of the many strays that fester around the block. It had a broken leg and wing so I took it to the Wildlife Hospital, but still haven't heard back from them. I bet his friend is sad. :-(

Thursday, July 02, 2009

weekend marks a few years together

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and the end of SF travel...