Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tour De Cure

IMGP1618, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.

Part of Battelle's Spokespeople, I've signed up for the Tour De Cure again this year.
I know I just got done hassling everyone for donations, but it's always for a good cause! Here's my Tour Page


  1. This picture of you is awesome.
    I am proud of you for upping your workout even more with running and cyclocross this year. Your body is never going to hate you.

    I don't work and don't make any money so I can't really support you all throughout these efforts financially :( boo. But... I'm there in spirit.

    love you!

  2. Thanks, the race was an amazing time! I can't really say that I'm in any type of shape- work has been eating all my time, but it's been fun!


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